The Association the Baluard, study center and historic feats of arms of Girona, is formed by a group of more than a hundred members, governed by a Board that twenty-eight years developing activities related to collective miniatures of historical facts weapons research, publication of studies on uniformologia … The sum of criteria and capacity of its partners and collaborators for the presence and prestige of the Association in the world of collective collectors of lead soldiers in its various forms is very important at this time. The different specializations of its members (sets, groups, dioramas, cut individual figures, …) occupy almost all possibilities of collecting military.

Annually, coinciding with the Fairs and Festivals of Gerona (late October and early November) The Exhibition-Competition organized by the Baluard ‘Soldier of Lead’, which has become a traditional event, this year 2023 will reach The XLIII edition of the XXVIII International Competition and Exhibition. In this exhibition – contest involving collectors throughout Spain, France, Italy, rest of Europe and other countries. In the last year involved a total of three hundred and seven and fourteen exhibitors associations.

Throughout the year, members participate regularly in various exhibitions and competitions are held in Spain, Europe and USA. During this past year, our exhibitors and contestants have won several awards and increased presence, prestige and reputation of the Association in major competitions in Europe and USA.

Commissioned by official bodies, The Baluard, has organized exhibitions of historical miniatures, on the occasion of the celebration of Armed Forces, in the Castle of Sant Ferran, Figueres, and recently in the Military Government of Palau in Barcelona. Very important exhibitions were visited by thousands of people. Each year we have modeled a commemorative figure related to the different historical periods lived in our city: the Roman era, medieval and Napoleonic.